If you witnessed someone litter from a motor vehicle and you recorded their registration number, or you can identify who littered, please report the incident to the Litter Hotline.

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Your personal information may be used by EPA Tasmania for the purpose of investigating your report and possibly shared with third parties for compliance investigations only.



Location Details

Address will autofill when you start typing and will automatically put the marker on the map.

Add or Edit the marker to specify the location of rubbish discovered. The marker can still be moved even once the address has auto filled and automatically been located on the map.

Button Action
Map - Marker Icon Add a marker to the map.
Map - Edit Icon Move an existing marker on the map.
Map - Delete Icon Delete the added marker on the map.

Please provide any further details about the location to help us locate the rubbish faster. Information such as “200m away from the intersection” or “down the road embankment next to the large gum tree” will help us know exactly where to look for the rubbish.

Type of Rubbish Found

Can you provide an estimate using the following guide?

Select all materials that you can see. You can select multiple boxes.

E.g. asbestos, medical waste, chemical waste, etc.

Photo Evidence

  • We can only accept up to 3 photos.
  • We only accept jpg, png or gif files.
  • Each photo can not be larger than 20Mb in size.

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